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Our approach SEO

Our optimization services are the core of our daily activities. We operate as your trusty employee specializing in Internet Marketing, a manager (at least) is assigned to each client account and a detailed report of our time spent is sent each month to ensure complete transparency. As an employee, our prices are based on an hourly rate, we receive no commission on third parties that we recommend or manage. So to be clear, no commissions on facebook ads, adwords campaigns or other advertising plateforms. We are an innovative interactive agency, we create our own tools to manage your web optimization, in order to offer the best return on our time spent refer your site on the web.

Our optimization/SEO packages go from several days to a few hours per month, depending on the needs and budgets of each client. Seasonality and unanticipated issues are part of corporate life, we understand that and adapt ourselves. For example, we can work for the same client, 3 days per month during the Christmas previous month, and only half a day during the summer months. Our packages ensure you cover all the necessary and more of Internet Marketing.

A company, perhaps does not have neither the need nor the budget to do everything well at the same time. We analyze your current situation (web analysis/audit) to advise on a sustainable and profitable plan, by performing our SEO services. For example, a service business that wants to increase its enrollment to the beginning of September but being already mid-August ... Advising to optimize SEO (or natural-organic SEO) initially would be illogical because results would be seen too little too late.

It would rather be preferable in this case to start focusing the package to PPC (adwords campaign and other web campaigns) and the optimization of an email campaign (Email Marketing).

Equally, local SEO may be applicable to your business, or not. This logic also applies to Social SEO, managing a community (social media optimization) can be a money pit or a very profitable investment, your manager will advise you. It is important to realize that it is now almost mandatory to take into account the mobile SEO (smartphones and tablets) and web content writing (SEO writing), otherwise you're not taking advantage of a great deal of competitive advantage you would leave to competitors.

Our SEO plans ensure you to get professionals working for you, all the time. Our packages cover the essential aspect of consulting on optimizing conversions from your traffic to prospects: a person who contacts you for your services or products. We can execute those web development/maintenance advices with our Web development team or directly manage your own webmasters or programmers. A beautiful invisible website is useless, oldnot-so-prettyand visible website is not much better. Yes, a visible and beautiful website make your business a reference in your sector. Dubuc Marketing is committed to make that happen for all its clients. You're already here, take action!


« I am very pleased with Dubuc Marketing services since his team identified our needs and helped us to achieve better results by asking very little time. Thank you ! »

Bruno Chicoine, President

« We partner with Dubuc Marketing for several years and our results at the internet strategy has never stopped evolving. The service is personalized and tailored to our needs. »

Mylène Verroneau, Marketing director

« We are very pleased to work with the Agency Dubuc Marketing. It is a company with young ideas, who presented the website in current trends and the results are very professional. Our company needs marketing avant-garde through DUBUC MARKETING we are going in the right direction. Thank you to the team !! »

Christian Simon, Owner

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