Website maintenance

Another service is offered to you: the virtual maintenance of all web sites. Thus, we will become your reliable and affordable webmaster.

Website maintenance : method

and faisability

To ensure that the site does not present technical obstacles that could impact the quality of the maintenance in the short, medium and long term, we perform a complete audit of your site. If necessary, several options to address the issues will be presented.

control Takeover

Being your landmark for the web, we need to be able to respond in a timely manner with fluidity and efficiency. It is therefore essential that we get the accesses to hosting, email and domain name to ensure better control and maintenance of a Website.

and advices

Being at your service, we will need you to provide us your inquiries to execute them in a timely manner. A good webmaster is also a good advisor. Thus, your account manager will advise on your changes in terms od content and design to apply on your Website.

and relationship

You can keep hours in the bank or solicit ponctual maintenance. You have control over your webmaster, not the contrary. We focus on a relationship of trust, which is why a professional will always be there to answer all your questions and execute your orders.

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