Intranet creation

We optimize the efficiency of the logistics of your business. Finished Excel and papers! Your logic : is your software online.

Intranet creation: method


We spend the necessary time, wether a few hours or few days, to perfectly grasp the details of the logic that your business applies daily to run smoothly. A rigorous analysis and constructive criticism of your current tools will be essential.



The results of the study will be transcripted onto paper to resume clearly all elements. Then we will present the architecture of your future intranet. This architectural plan must represent an optimized and automated version of your current operational logistic.


The web development will then begin according to the previous architecture. In addition to a direct access to the development platform of the future Intranet, regular meetings will be held. It is natural that minor adjustments will occur as the project develops.

Launch AND Follow up

The latest tests done, your team will be trained for use. Once officially put online, with actual use of the intranet, new non-foreseeable aspects may appear. Thus, we follow up to make the alterations andatory to optimal usage of your intranet.

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