Extranet creation

The extranet is the creation of a customer center. We ensure that your extranet will be and will remain a competitive advantage.

Extranet creation: method


We compare the extranet to a client center on the web. Developping one is often the case in the business plan of an SME. We consult to bring the idea back to life, using latest web technologies. An extranet has to facilitate the lives of your customers as well as yours.

User Interface DESIGN

Your customers will typically access the extranet from your site. We conceptualize a consistent graphic interface with your brand. The interface of your administration platform is also presented to you at the same time. 


When the design interfaces have been agreed upon, we integrate and program your new client center. Some adjustments to the initial plan may occur during t test period. Indeed, we perform tests on all browsers and media before launch.

LAunch AND Follow up

We often sugggest a gradual launch. During the first period, only certain clients can actually test the extranet. Upon this trial,  some adjustments may be made. The access is then generalized to a larger pool of customer and so forth until the extranet is released to all with full confidence.

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