Web development: our approach

Today, the vast majority of SME use the email to communicate with their customers and their computer thoughWord and Excel to facilitate their daily logistic. Furthermore, most SME have a web site or a web page. Our team of consultants and web development improve exponentially that reality. We are web artisans, not industrial, we develop with care each assigned project and we are proudest of our latest work. From designing "brochure" website (informative mainly) to support tools for sales through the optimization of customer service, our aim will be to make you enjoy the full potential of the Internet at a fair and competitive price.

We believe in the autonomy of our customers, together, we will develop a simple, ultra user friendly content management system and developed according to your own exisitng logic (custom CMS).

Since our inception in 2007, we have been constantly asked to take over many customer Websites developped in Wordpress, Joomla and other open source CMS. Adjusting to different budgets, we propose either a website redesign or an existing website maintenance. It is very rare that we will recommend platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, or other Wix starting a web project. We are developpers and  we make sure that the general consensus that a customed website is more expensive is false when it comes to Dubuc Marketing.

When trust is given to Dubuc Marketing, customers have no regrets. Our web solutions are developed with CakePHP, an Opensource Framework, known and recognized by all professional programmers. Our web designs (interface, charter and graphic architecture) are originals and created by talented Web Graphic designers. Indeed, our designer's mission is to create the "WOW" and the mission of our web development team is to generate the "AWESOME". 

About online sales, we do not offer or have a preference for an off-the-shelf e-commerce solution. We present the market options that adapt best to your objectives and budget. For example, if you already have an online catalog, why redo everything? We will adapt your site by adding appropriate payment methods (Paypal, Moneris, Chase, etc.). Selling online is not to be underestimated and quick solutions often results in more money in your provider than in yours!

Within the walls of Dubuc Marketing, Microsoft Excel is prohibited! If you are able to use Excel daily, then a custom management software will be recommended. Give your business (and yourself) a computing environment to meet your ambitions. An intranet will optimize your logistics, avoid human errors, allow more freedom, more control and will contribute to the development of your SME. Parallel to an Intranet, your customer is at the heart of your business, he deserves your attention. An extranet optimizes customer relationships, reduced communication costs, increase your retention rate and gives you a significant competitive advantage. If you offer your customer an area on the web that improves his experience, it will guarantee a return on your investment.

To complete our services and ensure the tranquility of our customers, we offer a web hosting service of high quality with the best Quebec hosting companies.

Programming for the Web is not easy by any means, but thanks to a professional Web development, your use of the Web should be ridiculously simple.


« After much thought, discussion and consultation, the diocese has chosen as the partner-Dubuc Marketing firm. The president, Mr Guilhem Dubuc and staff of this company located in Brossard, have supported us over the past month to rebuild our new website. The model and software that support the operation of the new site is an original product that has integrated several elements of the previous website and improve other options... »

Michel Lafontaine, Communication director

« We are very pleased to work with the Agency Dubuc Marketing. It is a company with young ideas, who presented the website in current trends and the results are very professional. Our company needs marketing avant-garde through DUBUC MARKETING we are going in the right direction. Thank you to the team !! »

Christian Simon, Owner

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