The agency

Dubuc Marketing is a small international interactive agency that respects the local. Our slogan: the art of thinking ahead.



(Small and Medium Enterprises)


Improve the quality of SME's Web optimization/SEO and support their technological environment through Web development.


In countries where we are implanted, being recognized as the benchmark for Optimization/SEO and web development of SME.







President’s message

The customer is king, everyone says so. Hundreds or thousands of companies/freelancers claim to do what we do. So how can you not get lost in this unstructured and unclear industry? Unfortunatelly, There is no straight answer.

We bank on educating Small and Medium Enterprises (SME): SEO and Web Marketing techniques, Web programming possibilities and the use of new technologies.

We are an SME for other SMEs, we are dedicated to defend the small and very small against aggressive sellers of Web services. Indeed, it is not uncommon for an SME to get caught up in the trap of pressure selling techniques, either because of ignorance or lack of perspective. Thus, our role is to be to be representative of the fair and right service.

I invite all our colleagues to criticize our offer. We never hesitate to do the same towards theirs, we believe that this way, the industry will evolve in the right direction. We owe it to our integrity towards our current and future customers.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be listening.

Guilhem Dubuc


« We partner with Dubuc Marketing for several years and our results at the internet strategy has never stopped evolving. The service is personalized and tailored to our needs. »

Mylène Verroneau, Marketing director

The team

Guilhem Dubuc

Cédric Dufault-Gagné

Marek Szmandra
Senior developer

Mateusz Suchoplujew

Dawid Mrozek

Shirley Lara Hernadez
Project coordinator

Training for SME

We enjoy training our customers on optimization/SEO and on the Web in general, that way we end up working better with them. All of our clients, if they wish it, receive continuous training as part of their optimization package. For non-customers, we offer half day trainings on specific topics. Free webinars are also offered regularly throughout the year. To receive notifications on registration periods to free webinars, send us your e-mail with subject: Free Webinar or contact us by phone.

If you are interested in receiving an Optimization/SEO and web training for your team or yourself, contact us directly using the action button below.

Careers opportunities

Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job in Internet Marketing or Web development in Montréal? Let us know by sending your resume and presentation letter.

We also welcome interns in the fields of communication and management.

Partners services

We believe in power of a solid business network. We count several partners within the communications industry. They refer or benefit from our services at preferential rates for their own customers.

If you are an SME related to communication services, advertising or IT, do not hesitate to request an appointment to discuss our offer to partners. It's a win-win-win situation: you, us and the customer.

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