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Thanks to high-end SEO/Optimization,
we bring customers to your door.

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Thanks to cutting edge IT solutions,
we get your business to a next level.

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Thanks to application development,
we prepare you for today and tomorrow.

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+ Traffic

+ Conversions

+ Control

+ Efficiency

+ Knowledge

  • For nearly 10 years , Dubuc Marketing has grown into a player recognized by its ethical and educational approach to Internet marketing to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Our team, composed by professionals from SEO and web development, plans and optimizes daily Internet marketing strategies for companies from 1 to 250 employees.
  • We thrive for SME's autonomy and control, that's why we develop web solutions 100% customized that our clients remain 100% owners : Website design, creation of internal management software and development of client space platforms .
  • Over 100 SME now find in Dubuc Marketing a partner as enriching knowledgewise as profitabilitywise. Our slogan is the art of thinking ahead, with us, you will never see your web marketing falling back.

Our values

Respect for you, the right methods and know-how.
You'll know exactly what we do and why we do it.
A negative must generate a positive. The truth always.
Keeping a tight communication is a prerequisite to success.
We check. We double check. We triple check.

Our expertise


We offer flexible and customed plans for all budgets and industries. We get results with white hat techniques.

Web development

Often disappointed or frustrated from past experiences, our customers are demanding and desire perfection.


Internet Marketing without considering mobile devices and application is simply unthinkable.


We partner with Dubuc Marketing for several years and our results at the internet strategy has never stopped evolving. The service is personalized and...Lire la suite

Mylène Verroneau, Marketing director

The service is excellent, the Dubuc Marketing Agency is always listening and responds quickly to all requests. Mutual trust has settled over time.Lire la suite

Olivier Ilango, Owner

Case studies

  • Page 1 of Google in the natural results for all the keywords related to implantology.
  • Many participants enrollment information about implantology sessions.
  • Increased number of unique visitors to the website 112%.
  • Turnover has tripled over 2 years.


A few keywords on the first page of Google.ca as of March 15th 2016

Montreal South Shore jewelry
Daycare South Shore
Montreal Catering
Construction and Renovation
Hotel South Shore
Inquiry Services
Paints online Quebec
Audioprosthetist Montreal
Romantic Hotel
Language school South Shore






Optimization strategist


Project coordinator


Senior developer


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Web marketing trends in 2016

If the relevance, context and effective delivery are not the subject of regular conversations in your marketing department, 2016 will be a frustrating year for you because the online marketing industry is complex and volatile, but exciting for anyone who remains in place on the modern trends. Each year, new materials, new software, new businesses and new preferences takes the user to the radical changes that are enacted or ignored by the world's leading companies. The fastest...



Dubuc Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the website Plancher Réno.com, a company specializing in the sale and installation of staircases, moldings and floor coverings in Saint-Hubert Montérégie, so that Montreal and the North Shore, as in Laval. To learn more about Plancher Réno.com, we invite you to discover their promotions and to contact them or come directly to their store located in Saint-Hubert on the South...

New mandate with Web Marketing Luxury Boxes

Dubuc Marketing got a new web marketing mandate Boxes Prestige. Over the next month, our mission will be to optimize the presence and visibility of internet Luxury boxes, gift boxes specialist in Canada.
About Boxes Prestige
Boxes Prestige is the reference for a certificate and gift box in Quebec and Canada. Whether a gift box for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a graduation, a new client...

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