SME's recognitions validate our work and efforts. Each testimonial we receive means the world to us.


« I am very pleased with Dubuc Marketing services since his team identified our needs and helped us to achieve better results by asking very little time. Thank you ! »

Bruno Chicoine, President

« After much thought, discussion and consultation, the diocese has chosen as the partner-Dubuc Marketing firm. The president, Mr Guilhem Dubuc and staff of this company located in Brossard, have supported us over the past month to rebuild our new website. The model and software that support the operation of the new site is an original product that has integrated several elements of the previous website and improve other options... »

Michel Lafontaine, Communication director

« We partner with Dubuc Marketing for several years and our results at the internet strategy has never stopped evolving. The service is personalized and tailored to our needs. »

Mylène Verroneau, Marketing director

« The service is excellent, the Dubuc Marketing Agency is always listening and responds quickly to all requests. Mutual trust has settled over time. »

Olivier Ilango, Owner

« We are very pleased to work with the Agency Dubuc Marketing. It is a company with young ideas, who presented the website in current trends and the results are very professional. Our company needs marketing avant-garde through DUBUC MARKETING we are going in the right direction. Thank you to the team !! »

Christian Simon, Owner

« I am glad of Dubuc Marketing service. The agency sent me an email notifying me of a negative comment on Google. I was issued a response to this comment, which was perfect and much better than I could have done. Congratulations for the service ! »

Suzanne Desrochers, Co-owner

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