Construct a Web Marketing Strategy with Dubuc Marketing 

We are experts in Web Marketing Strategy, in Montreal, for more than 15 years. Our team specializes in several Web domains, from Google Search Engine Optimization to  advertising online through creation of websites. That's why we build with you the web strategy you need to improve your visibility, make your website known or even get new clients online.

Efficiently Develop your Business with an Agency specialized in Web Strategy in Montreal

Specialists of SMEs, Dubuc Marketing brings you advice and support in the development of your business and the overall management of your company. We conduct a thorough analysis of your business and your needs to optimize your business model. We then create a web strategy tailored to your needs with the right digital tools.

Get a long-term vision and performance goals

Increase your website traffic and your brand notoriety

Get new customers through your web sales channels

Gradually develop your online presence​

Web Strategy with Dubuc Marketing consists of: 

  • A detailed analysis of your Web presence


  • A strategic consultations to identify your needs and objectives on the Web


  • A detailed recommendations with customized web solutions


  • A precise action plan to reach your goals through the web

You don't know where to begin?  Let us analyze your presence on the Web!

To make the best decisions for your website, we create for you detailed analysis of your web presence! Website, social networks, positioning on search engines... We make a precise assessment and propose you a list of the best recommendations to meet your objectives!

Trust Dubuc Marketing in constructing your Web Marketing Strategy

We accompany many small and medium-sized companies in the construction of their web strategy. With our experience in many fields such as dentistry, landscaping, real estate or even aesthetics, we have strategies adapted to all needs


Audit of your Web Presence

To build the best possible strategy, we carry out a thorough analysis of your presence on the web: website analysis, analysis of your positioning on search engines, analysis of social networks ... We establish a precise inventory of your activity on the web.

Strategic Consultation

Once the analysis of your web presence is done, we conduct strategic consultations to build the best possible web strategy. We listen to your needs, discuss the targets you want to reach and the means at your disposal. Together we define your company's objectives and business needs.

Detailed Recommendations

Our web marketing experts offer you a series of detailed recommendations to build or improve your web presence: creation and website optimization , advertisements on the web, creation and social media management... 

Short, Medium, or Long-term Action Plan

To make your web strategy as effective as possible, we deliver a detailed action plan to implement your needs on the web. Whatever your needs and objectives are, we deliver all the steps that will allow you to acquire results in the short, medium ,and long-term.


Need a partner to develop your web presence and get more clients? Call on our experts to build a sustainable and effective web marketing strategy!

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