ResoScan CLM - Radiology Clinic

Avec nous depuis: 2019, 2019
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The medical imaging center RésoScan CLM is a radiology clinic on the South Shore of Montreal. The clinic offers general and personalized radiology services: mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasound, CT, dental imaging...

To reinforce its visibility on the South Shore of Montreal and in the Montérégie region, RésoScan called upon Dubuc Marketing for the creation and optimization of its website. The new website allows the clinic to present all its services to Internet users. We carry out numerous SEO actions in order to place the radiology clinic among the first results for radiology service requests.

The ResoScan radiology clinic is now one of the best placed on search engines in its location, on the South Shore of Montreal and in the Montérégie region. Each month, more than 1000 visitors visit the site, and requests for appointments increase every year.

5136 QC-132
Sainte-Catherine, J5C 1L8

450 638-8989

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