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In 2020, we can see that Google is still the main search engine with a huge majority of the market share, 94%. For years, Google has held the monopoly of the market shares concerning search engines. Indeed, Yahoo and Bing represent less than 6% of the market share.

SEO: Google, Yahoo or Bing, which one benefits local businesses the most? 

Americans from Bright Local asked themselves if Google was the search engine that offered the most local results in its first page of results. The study consists of analyzing 6 types of keywords including different locations according to the size and sectors of the company:


  • Generic keywords (e.g. plumber): Google offers more local business results than its competitors. 
  • Generic keywords + a location (e.g. plumber in Phoenix): this category of keywords will give the most results
  • "Service" keywords (e.g., plumbing repair): Google offers the most local results. Bing has the most local business websites
  • The keywords ''Service'' + location (ex: plumbing repair in Phoenix): Bing offers the most local business websites ahead of Google and Yahoo. On its side, Google offers more local results
  • Long tail keywords (e.g. 24 hour emergency plumber) and long tail + location keywords (e.g. 24 hour plumber emergency in Phoenix) are more difficult for search engines in general.


Finally, the researchers wanted to determine the types of keywords that brought the most local results on Google. It is true that the longer the keyword, the lower the result because Google must take into account much more information. It is therefore the generic keywords that give a better result for searches.

SEO Google against Yahoo / Bing

Outbound linking from one site to another varies from one search engine to another. Unlike Google, Bing encourages outbound links in articles. This means links that redirect to another website. Bing increases the score if readers visit the outbound links often. Also, there are also techniques for indexing a site. Google's indexing robot visits all the links it finds. Bing's robot is different, it scans the home page by splitting the content into homogeneous blocks. It is therefore necessary to distribute the keywords on the whole page.


To be better positioned on Bing, it is advisable to buy an old domain name, which has never been offered on Google. It is also important to pay attention to the anchors of the links. Bing requires clean writing of these anchors, especially backlinks (links to your web page from other sites). Fortunately, Bing and Google require good titles. Therefore, it is important to write good titles for web pages. A good title briefly describes the subject of the page. The content of the page must correspond to the keywords used. A clean, quality content that is consistent with the selected keywords must therefore be adapted.

Should I reference my company on Yahoo and Bing?

The better you are listed on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the better your web visibility will be. 

Your SEO Agency in Montreal

Dubuc Marketing Inc. is an expert SEO agency in Montréal and Rive-Sud, like in Brossard, Longueuil and surroundings.  Our team is at your disposal to set up an internet marketing strategy adapted to your needs. 

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