Mobile SEO

We adapt your website to mobile and make it adaptive to phones and tablets.

Mobile SEO: method


Without knowing it, your site may be already optimized for mobile (smartphones and tablets). Otherwise (95% chance if your site was designed before 2014), the mobile SEO requires a review and revision of the current code of your site.


We list the changes to be made on the code of your site. It does not need to be modified for computers but it must be adapted and have a mobile or adaptive version (responsive). It is important to search engines such as Google.


Implementation of recommendations in terms of programming for your website to have more visibility and be better positioned on phones and tablets. In cases where you have your own webmaster, we communicate to him the action plan and are following up on his work.


Visits from mobile are clearly visible from the Traffic and Analytics reports. A good mobile SEO will significantly improve traffic from search engines and the quality of visits. Our reports show that evolution.

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