All our work has to be mobile friendly. Applications for mobile have changed the world. Your app will change yours.

Mobile Applications: Method


A mobile application can not be improvised. During the consultation, we listen and try to understand better than yourself what you want to do and achieve. We establishment a viable strategy that meets a specific market need. We think in advance the application.


When strategies and objectives are clearly defined, then we create the GUI and the storyboard of the application. This logic must be simple and efficient. In other words, optimal ergonomics. The graphic style is in direct contact with customers and users habits.


An application must meet the standards imposed by the operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry). There may be a hybrid development is envisaged to limit costs. All our applications are custom-made and provides an experience "mobile user" great.


When the application is brought online, the performance of the latter is the real challenge. We help you to promote your application on the web and blinds. Based on comments received, the application will be adjusted to improve its reputation and increase the number of downloads.

Our approach of responsive websites

Since 2014 and the announcement of Google down-ranking web sites that do not have a version adapted for smartphones and tablets, the bell sound was given: all sites must have a mobile version. Today, a majority of professionals (including our team) concur to say that the best solution to mobile, is a unique version of a website, ie, a version that adapts itself to all sizes screen.

"Is my website responsive?" To find out it's very easy: Go open your website usually on your computer and reduce the size of your browser window to look like a screen size smartphone. If the design does not change, then your site is not responsive. You can test with our website (, reduce the size of the window and see how responsive a website responds. The adaptive or responsive website design is very important for two reasons: First, improve the user experience of the navigation of a site on phone and tablet, and secondly, optimize your SEO on search engines from a mobile devices.

Please visit our "mobile SEO" to learn more about how we operate to optimize a website to mobile or call us directly.

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