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Are you looking to improve your SEO? Have you thought about the reputation of your site on Google? If the content of your website is important, the reputation of your site, influenced by external links that point to your website is just as important! How to get what is called quality backlinks to improve the reputation and the SEO of your website? Here are some tips to adopt a good linking strategy, with quality backlinks. 

What is a backlink? 

Before starting, it is important to understand what a backlink is. A backlink is a link from an external website that points to your site. The idea of a backlink allows you to create a link between different websites, and contributes to your reputation. This practice allows you to create a link strategy. A directory that cites your company and has a link to your website is an example of a backlink. 

What is the purpose of a backlink and how useful is it for SEO? 

In terms of SEO, having a good backlink strategy is important. It allows your site to be more easily visible and to improve your reputation; a major criterion taken into account in the referencing of your site by Google. Indeed, if your site is mentioned several times by others, it gives visibility to your website. The more links that redirect to your site, the better they are, the more qualitative your site is judged by Google. The interest of having a quality site is important for your SEO: indeed, when your site is considered as such, Google will improve the referencing of your site by highlighting it. In this way, Google recognizes the relevance of your site. 

How to measure a quality backlink?

According to Google, having a quality backlink is based on several criteria: 

The relevance of the backlink: Your backlinks should come from sites and content related to your site and your business. For example, a link from a medical researcher's website is very relevant for a medical practice. 

The diversification of backlinks: The second point to judge the quality of your backlinks. Indeed, the more your site is cited in different platforms and different sources, the better your site will be considered by Google.

Good anchors : An anchor is the text used with a link to point to your website. For quality backlinks, anchors must be consistent, varied and well written. Anchors with the keywords you target or terms associated with your business, your company are essential for good backlinks.

A good domain authority: To measure the reputation of your website, Google calculates the authority of your domain (of your site); these backlinks. The more a website has backlinks from sites with a good reputation and being well referenced, the more its authority score increases. It is therefore important to get links from reputable and quality sites.

How to get backlinks ?

There are several ways to get backlinks. All these ways are easy and free. However, they require a little time to set up. 

Online directories

The easiest way to get backlinks is to register your site on online directories for example. This will also improve your local referencing. Be careful though: don't enter your site in all possible directories: only use directories relevant to your site. If you are a plumbing company, list your site in plumbing directories, in local directories for example. 

Social Media

If you have a Facebook and an Instagram account,  don't hesitate to make publications with the link of your site. This will improve the visibility of your site and diversify the source of visits to your site. However, be careful not to put links that redirect only to the home page of your site! Give preference to links that send to a more specific page of your site and related to your publication. For example, if you want to publish on Instagram a photo of a new product in your store, put directly the link that redirects to the article in question. 

Interviews and press releases

A good way to get quality backlinks is to do press releases or interviews. This allows you to get free publicity for your company. This way, you give your site visibility by appearing in a newspaper. There is a good chance that the newspaper in question will put a link to your site at the end of its article. If the newspaper is known and has a good domain authority, this backlink will be valued by Google. 

Discussion forums

You can also talk about your site in forums by inserting the link of the latter. This will give visibility to your site. Give preference to serious forums with a good domain authority. However, be careful not to overdo it: put the link of your site if it is relevant. Don't flood the forums with links to your site, as this could discredit your image on the Internet. 

Linking strategy

If you know other people who work in the same field as you, you can exchange links through your sites. However, be careful not to exchange links with companies that have no connection with you! If we take our example of a plumbing company, you can for example use companies that work in the field of construction. You can also use companies that are located in the same area as yours!

Opt for an effective link strategy with Dubuc Marketing 

Among all these link strategies, Dubuc Marketing, offers you a link strategy with quality backlinks, all in accordance with your web strategy. The goal is to improve the SEO of your website according to your needs. Want to know more? Contact Dubuc Marketing today.

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