Email marketing as a strategic tool

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Apr 1, 2022

Email marketing as a strategic tool

What is the benefit of this practice?

Email marketing is a web marketing approach aimed at getting in touch directly with current customers, potential customers, partners or others. If the strategy is well done, direct marketing can represent a profitable investment for a company. However, it must respect some conditions:

  • Define a strategy
  • Segment your email lists
  • Personalize your message
  • A clear, striking and attractive content
  • Be careful with the subject of your email
  • Have a captivating design
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Analyze the performance of the campaign
  • Comply with the law

Email marketing steps for SMEs

To have an effective email marketing strategy, it is necessary to follow these steps: 

  • Defining a global strategy: which prospects do I want to reach? What will my email marketing bring? What are my goals with this method? 
  • Email Collection Strategy: How do I collect emails from prospects? Do I need to purchase a database?
  • Design: How to make emails that look like my business? What colors and structure should I go for?
  • Writing and distribution: what will be the content of my emails? Should I use an agency? How often should I distribute my emails? 
  • Performance analysis: How many people opened my email? How many people were interested in my email? Of these people, how many became customers? 

Retrieve your customers' emails

How do I accumulate emails from my audience?

There are many ways to accumulate as many emails as possible in order to do mass mailings later on: first, look at your contact list, go ask people you know, ask people in your audience directly... Then, you can go and get these emails on the internet: you can buy/rent an existing database, make a blog where you can get the emails, install a sign-up pop-up on your website... Many ways exist to do this.

How to implement an email marketing strategy

Analyze the situation

Nowadays, all companies send emails to communicate with their customers, prospects, suppliers etc. Before considering sending an email, be sure to ask yourself what your company's problems are and what you want to achieve in order to meet them. What is your target audience, to whom will you want to send emails, what are the means that you have or that you want to implement...

Strategic planning 

Whether you want to advertise by email, retain customers or increase your mailing list, different techniques exist to acquire new customers. It is up to you to plan the most optimal technique to best meet your needs.

Creations and mailings

Depending on your strategy, you need to create the winning email(s). This requires the involvement of design, copywriting and integration. Once your mailing list has been imported and segmented, the emails are sent using software that respects the C-28 law.

Reports of the results

With your email software you will be able to see in real time the opening, click and conversion rates that the email campaign generates. This allows you to analyze if your email marketing strategy was effective.

Contact Dubuc Marketing for your email campaigns

In order to carry out your email marketing campaigns, Dubuc Marketing can handle all aspects of your email campaigns: strategy, design, copywriting, delivery and analysis of your email campaigns. Call Dubuc Marketing today for email marketing services.

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