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CMS Open Source 


Open Source CMS are advertised as free... or almost. In fact, if you just take the basics of a site that has already been created you should have no trouble with this tool. Every change of the basic system is free as long as you know how to install it by yourself.
The custom CMS is considered more expensive at the beginning. This is true at the beginning. But if we look at the long term, know that your site will follow your SME throughout its duration. So, we quickly realize that the maintenance of an Open Source CMS is more expensive than a custom system. The price of the custom CMS will be in most cases, less expensive than the price of the opensource CMS on the long term.

In the end, you will have understood, the price can not be an argument of decision since it is almost the same.

CMS Opensource and its advantages 

Open Source CMS is the most used content management system today. Indeed, you must have heard of WordPress (the most famous), Joomla, Drupal or Prestashop. All these systems aim to meet the greatest demand while having their specialties. In generalizing we have: WordPress, specialist of the blog, Drupal for the digital edition, Joomla for the corporate sites and Prestashop for the online businesses. It is therefore very important to identify your expectations and desires before starting. We will list below the major assets of the Opensource CMS. Be careful, these assets are valid if you are comfortable with web applications.

The major assets of this type of system are:

  • Free or almost free. It will remain so if you do not want to modify the basic CMS. You have to adapt to it and not the other way around. You will be charged for any labor required to make changes.
  • Independence, because you can modify and adapt it as much as you want without being dependent on a provider. This asset goes hand in hand with the scalability of your system, which as you have understood is possible.
  • The speed of updates. The source code is free of charge, so you can make updates for free. Therefore, changes to the database are fast. However, this system is "open" and gives easy access to hackers to the whole database. It is therefore imperative to update the version regularly. If you don't think about it and your version gets too old, you will have to pay to upgrade your system. Older versions make it easier for hackers and can damage the whole platform.
  • Time saving is undoubtedly the major asset of this type of management system. You will surely find an existing system that will meet your expectations. Moreover, it can be put online in a short time. This is a strong point, but let's look further, do you really think that these advantages will be enough for your entire satisfaction?
  • SEO: Basic SEO modules are already included in the OpenSource CMS. It is therefore possible to optimize your referencing by yourself.

CMS proprietary

Custom Management System

This type of system is developed for you and only for you. Only the features you need will be included. It is therefore a system that will be intuitive to you naturally. It can therefore be modified as you wish. We will list below the major assets of the custom CMS. These are assets for everyone, even if you have no internet knowledge.
The major assets of this type of system are:

  • The scalability of your system. A custom CMS is like a house that is built according to your needs. You can make alterations, extensions but also arrange it as you wish. However, it is the web developer who will have to make your alterations.
  • Fast updates. You can make the instant updates you need, without the need for a web developer.
  • The ease of use. As said before, it is the system that adapts to you and not the other way around. You already know all the features, so it will be easy to use.
  • Saving time in the long run is an advantage of the custom CMS. Because once you have it in hand you can do everything yourself. The learning process will take very little time. It's the setting up of the site that takes time but once it's up and running you can manage everything instantly.
  • SEO: the person in charge of your referencing will have all the access to modify the source code of the site and to refer it.

The major disadvantage of the custom CMS is its implementation. It takes longer than for an OpenSource CMS. Putting an OpenSource CMS online takes about 3 days. A custom CMS can take several weeks to be designed. This system that has to be built from scratch takes more time to design than a pre-made template. The custom site seems more expensive to buy but it is much less expensive to maintain or to make it evolve.

The Choice of your CMS

The Opensource CMS is an interface that has been designed in a generic way to meet the biggest demand. This is the complete opposite of the custom CMS, which is designed directly according to your needs. We are not able to determine which of the two is better for you. We can only remind you that everything depends on your expectations, time and web capabilities. You also need to be able to plan ahead and agree on a viable long-term solution. We believe that it is useless to waste time and money trying to do someone else's job. Don't let your website make your life hell! Qualified people can help you.

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