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Tableau Dépôt

Expert in contemporary design and interior decoration, Tableau Dépôt is an online store selling paintings and decorative art in Quebec. Tableau Dépôt offers several styles of paintings such as abstract paintings, contemporary, flowers or Indian style.

“The service is excellent, the Dubuc Marketing Agency is always listening and responds quickly to all requests. Mutual trust has settled over time.”

Olivier Ilango, Owner


  • Sell paintings online simply and intuitively.
  • Being able to change independently much of the website.


  • Designing a website where you can easily find the type of fabric you want to buy.
  • Creating a customized management system in which the customer can change the products, prices, sizes, painters or change the banners .. and many others.


  • Many visits to the site and the number of sales is only growing.
  • The customer is satisfied and CMS improves every month depending on what needs to the customer.
Used Services
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Website design
Custom CMS Creation
Website maintenance
E-commerce solutions
Web hosting
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