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Web marketing trends in 2016

2016-03-30 09:31:38

If the relevance, context and effective delivery are not the subject of regular conversations in your marketing department, 2016 will be a frustrating year for you because the online marketing industry is complex and volatile, but exciting for anyone who remains in place on the modern trends. Each year, new materials, new software, new businesses and new preferences takes the user to the radical changes that are enacted or ignored by the world's leading companies. The fastest individuals to adopt new technologies or innovations get a boost over the competition. They can conquer new markets or cement their reputation as industry leaders, while those lagging behind missing a key opportunity to change positions.

What are the trends to follow for web marketing in 2016? Here is a look at the marketing trends that will drive conversations and conversions in 2016, which seems to be a big year for online marketing.

• Video advertisements are beginning to dominate

Video ads certainly nothing new, with social channels like YouTube dedicated to hosting billions of videos and advertising platforms like Facebook and Bing already offer video options. 2016 is being different because Google will consider advertising on search engines in terms of SEO. It is approved that users are increasingly adhering to online video ads, and this trend continues. Expect to see more video advertisements acting in the most unexpected places. With the participation of Google in YouTube, the possibilities are virtually endless.

• App Indexing will lead to an explosion of applications

Google offered App Indexing (Application to engage users of an existing application via Google search, for both Android and iOS) for a while, but as the ranking of applications becomes more complex, Google changed it and now no longer needs a website to view an application in its results. The result can point directly to the application as it does to the websites. 2016 will be a year most advantageous for owners and application developers. Indeed, an optimized mobile site works perfectly to appeal to the mobile crowd, but soon, applications will start to replace them. They can do whatever websites can, without exception. We still have several years before the application completely replaced the websites, but 2016 will be a crucial year for the application from the viewpoints of business owners.

• Mobile traffic will surpass that of desktop

2015 was a big year for mobile. Google has not only announced that mobile traffic finally surpassed desktop traffic (computer traffic) in 10 countries, but it will also the year they have released the "Mobilegeddon" (the name given to the algorithm Google 21 April 2015) to remove non-optimized mobile sites. . The change does not affect searches performed from a computer.

John Mueller of Google said that it is even possible to have a fully optimized site for cell without this affecting its results on computer. The trend is therefore strongly continue.

• Digital support will lead to a new type of optimization

The optimization of search engines (SEO) and Adwords are two popular strategies to increase the number of visits to an unknown site before. The rise of the digital assistance will lead to a new type of optimization. The digital assistance as Siri and Cortana uses traditional search engines, but only when necessary to find information. The key to optimizing this new format is to ensure that your business information (local form) is easily accessible for those PDAs.

• The data / weight data / rich response

Because your goal for the coming year is to improve the competitiveness of your business, start with handle and analyze customer data stored in order to improve your offers and surveys. And because companies could use devices designed to inform users of promotions when they are near a store for example. Remember the new ad extension Google Adwords "Location-Based Store Reminders", warning users of the current offers in shops located nearby.

• The portable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) or smart mobile will open up new horizons

The Internet of Things is a "network of networks which, through standardized and wireless electronic identification systems to identify and communicate digitally with physical objects in order to measure and exchange data between physical worlds virtual. "

2015 saw the opening of the Apple Watch, a smart first-generation watch, but most smart watches and similar portable devices should begin to emerge next year. These devices will change the landscape of local marketing, and goes disturb the lines between marketing "online" and "real" marketing.

In addition, "smart" mobile should continue to gain more traction in 2016.

• Advertising will become increasingly expensive

Competition in online marketing increasing dramatically over the past few years. 2016 will see an even greater increase. As is the economy, an increase in demand is often accompanied by an increase in prices. Thus, the new online marketing competitors can control prices for their online advertising. Realistically, online ads are expensive, but the price increases may lead some small businesses to go bankrupt.

These trends are not the only ones that emerge during the next year, but they will be some of the most significant. There is no exact guarantee when or how these trends will occur, but it is worth to cover our backs in some of these technologies and the strategies.

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