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To develop your online store and boost your product sales, SEO is an essential technique to work on. Attracting customers to your physical store is a challenge, boosting your online sales is perhaps even more difficult. The great competition on the e-commerce contributes to the difficulty to stand out from the others and attract the attention of potential buyers.


That's why we give you our tips and steps to improve your SEO for your online store.

Choose the right keywords for your online store 

Keywords in SEO are the words, queries or expressions that people will type on search engines to find you. In order for the right people to find your site and to stand out from your competitors, it is essential to choose the right keywords for your site.


To know what are the right keywords to use, you must first understand what will be the requests of your potential buyers who are looking for the products you sell. What are the intentions of those who might visit your store?


From this, you can then do a keyword research to position yourself on it and attract Internet users with the ultimate goal of selling them your products online. There are several sites that allow you to search for the right keywords, depending on the search volume or competitivenes:

  • Google Keyword Plannr: Google's free keyword planning tool. You will find the amount of searches for keywords, the competitiveness or even suggestions according to your searches.
  • UberSuggest: a popular keyword tool that allows you to find relevant keywords, see search volume, edit SEO reports and track trends

Optimize the pages of your online store

Once you have chosen your keywords, you will have to optimize the web pages of your store to move up in the rankings on search engines. But the optimization also aims to strengthen the user experience to facilitate the purchase of Internet users.


The online store pages (categories, subcategories, product pages) must be optimized with metadata:

The meta title: this is the title of your web page, which will be displayed in search engines. The meta-title must be between 60 and 70 characters long, be attractive and include the main keyword of your page


The  meta descriptionis a description of a maximum length of 300 characters that is displayed in search engines and that presents your page

Title tags: these are the titles and subtitles of your web page, which will allow the Google robot to understand the structure and subject of your page

The image tags: the image tags are descriptions that will allow the Google robot to understand the theme of your images


Implementing this data for each of your pages is essential to strengthen your positioning and your visibility on search engines. Your keywords must appear in order to facilitate the understanding of your page by Google and to ensure that your pages respond well to the requests of Internet users.


With our CMS, you can easily edit all this information to strengthen the positioning of your online store



To make a difference in your SEO and user experience, your product pages should contain the most information

  • A complete and detailed product description
  • The characteristics of the products
  • Images or videos for illustration
  • Customer reviews in the form of ratings
  • Related products

Create a blog to strengthen your positioning and visibility 

In SEO, the blog of an online store will allow you to accentuate your positioning on the important keywords of your sector, but also to take positions on new keywords, on which none of your pages are currently positioned.


Setting up a blog on your store is one of the best ways to set up an advice tool to help your users in their choice of product. You can position yourself on many keywords, attract users with quality content, and add products from your online store to your blog posts to encourage purchases. 


Blog posts will help you attract more traffic to your site; the more visitors you have to your website, the more Google sees your site as credible, thus moving you higher up the results page. By posting relevant and engaging blogs on your website regularly, you can get more visitors and potentially boost your online product sale.

Track your online store performance with Google Analytics and management tools

Once your products have been added to your store and your website configured, it is essential to be able to follow the performance of your platform.


With Google Analytics, you can see your website usage data such as number of visits, traffic sources, bounce rate and many other criteria. This tool will allow you to identify the performance of your pages and products; you can then try new things, optimize pages for which there are not many visits, modify your content... You can also activate the e-commerce monitoring to track transactions, number of products sold, revenues, and so much more...


By regularly monitoring your performance, you will be better able to see what works and what doesn't, allowing you to progressively move up the search positions on Google, improve your visibility and develop your sales.

Dubuc Marketing helps you optimize the SEO of your online store

As you can see, optimizing the SEO of your online store to develop your sales is not that easy! It's not just about having a nice online store; you have to be able to find the right keywords, work efficiently on your content and constantly improve the user experience.


Do you need help to improve the SEO of your online store? Call our experts at Dubuc Marketing to develop your online sales and stand out from your competitors!

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