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Mar 30, 2022

Monitoring the loading speed of your website is an essential point to take into account every month. It is very important to check. Indeed, have you ever left a website because the pages took too long to load? 


For many web users, the loading speed will have an impact on their decision to visit a web page or not. Users are becoming more and more demanding about the websites they visit and want a pleasant user experience. The loading speed of a website is also an important criterion for search engines; the longer a web page takes to load, the more your website will be penalized in search results. 


In this article, we give you the means to check the loading speed of your website and our advice on the actions to take.

How to check the loading speed of your site 

With the increase of traffic on mobile and the evolution of search engines, the loading speed has become an essential SEO criteria for your website. A bad loading time will not only have a negative impact on your search engine ranking, but also on the user experience of your platform.


To analyze the loading speed of your website, there are several tools, including two main ones:

These tools offer a quick analysis of the loading time of your website according to the type of device (computer, smartphone...). They also suggest many corrective actions. 


GTmetrix is a free and very efficient tool to improve the speed of your website. You just have to copy the URL of your website and the platform will generate a detailed report of errors or areas to work on to improve the speed of your website. A site with a good rating means a site that loads quickly, with a fluid interface. These elements contribute to a low bounce rate. GTmetrix gives many areas of improvement to improve the loading speed of your site;

Google Pagespeed Insight is Google's tool to analyze your website's loading speed on Google. This tool gives you a performance score from 0 to 100 for mobile devices and computers. The closer the score is to 100, the better your site is performing. 

A performance score above 70 indicates that improvements need to be made to improve your performance on Google. The Google Pagespeed Insights tool then proposes several corrective actions and personalized advice. 

How to improve the loading speed of your website

1. Optimize the size of your images 

Integrating images on your site is a great way to make it attractive, for sure! However, reducing the weight of your images allows you to accelerate the display speed of your pages. To optimize the weight of your images, make sure you use formats adapted to web browsing such as .PNG, .JPG or .GIF. Reducing the weight of images will not necessarily have an impact on their quality, the change will not be visible to the naked eye. 


Several online tools can help you reduce the size of your images:

2. Minimize your CSS, Javascript and HTML

Minimizing your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files is essential to optimize your website. The interest is double: technical and SEO. These technical elements are in the code of your website and allow to structure it, to display the design of your website... It often happens that many lines of code are unnecessary and overload the weight of your site. By minimizing your CSS, HMTL and Javascript files, you will remove the unnecessary code from your files and improve the loading time of your website.


If you have a Wordpress or Joomla website, there are plugins and extensions that allow you to automatically reduce the weight of all its elements. You can also use Dubuc Marketing; our experienced developers will identify unnecessary code elements and remove them to improve the loading speed of your web pages. 


3. Have a quality host

To have a site that displays quickly all the time, it is imperative to have a good web host at your disposal, one that ensures stability, power, availability, and security. 


The choice of a quality web host will depend on many criteria: servers (quality of hard drives, performance, etc.), redundancy (the multiplication of the number of servers to compensate for failure problems), service (fast intervention, etc.)... Hosting is one of the crucial elements to guarantee a quality service and ensure a performing website with a good loading speed. 


At Dubuc Marketing, we work with quality hosting companies to ensure that our clients' websites perform well and load quickly! 

The loading speed of your website: an essential criterion! 

On the web, the beauty of your site is not everything! To be efficient and visible on search engines, to make people want to discover your site and turn them into customers; you must regularly monitor the loading speed of your site! 


Is your website not visible enough or takes too long to load? At Dubuc Marketing, our team of web developers has been working for 13 years to improve the performance of our clients' websites! Contact us today! 

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